DIY Potted Plant Candles

7CBA2D4E-1496-4E02-9CDD-07A41A8AB90FChristmas brings out the crafter out of me. Not only do I want to bake and make homemade gifts, but I want to decorate! In most homes you will find a Christmas tree decorated. And, in our home there is no exception! The Christmas Tree is a staple in our home. Not only do I want to decorate my Christmas tree each year, but I want to decorate throughout the entire house!

This means its time for me to get crafty and create some new farmhouse inspired decorations!  Ya’ll know how much I love to fill my home with Farmhouse decor and finds. Potted plants real or fake , are such a perfect accent to add to any room in your home. Not to mention my love for candles. And if you follow me on Instagram then you know how much I love my candles as part of my home decor.  So what a great idea, to add candles to your farmhouse pots.  How fabulous are these christmas potted plant candles? I am just adoring them and wanted to share this simple Farmhouse inspired DIY – how to project with you.  I just love this idea. It’s so simple yet creative!


Krylon stone textured spray paint

Course sandpaper

bag of rice

sheet of moss



step 1 – If using new terra-cotta pots then you will need to sand them lightly with sand paper and then spray a coat of the Krylon stone textured spay paint. make sure you cover your pot completely. Let dry

step 2- Once pots are dry , you will need to sand them with coarse sandpaper (60-80 grit) to remove the textured spray pant untill it looks like mineral deposits like the ones you see on old pots.


step 3-  Now its time to fill your pots. As you know each pot at the bottom has a small hole you will need to use a piece of tape to cover the hole. (I used duct tape) you can also use package tape . Next,  you need to fill your pot with rice. This will hold your candle . After filling you pot with rice to your desired height, place your candles in pots.  measure and cut a sheet of moss (you can find at your local A.C. Moore or Michaels) in small pieces and tuck in and around your candle.