Styling Mama

68FA0194-0191-4C02-AC64-6E119D53E4FAMorning y’all,  hope everyone is enjoying this Holiday season. I know I am . This time of year is always super busy , but yet its super fun! Most of the days are filled with the craziness of running all around with so much to get done in such a short amount of time and the days feel like there getting shorter along with the countdown till christmas eve and Christmas.

So many of you have loved the last Styling mama blog post and have asked for more of them. So here is another favorite of mine I love and wanted to share with y’all . There are so may ways to wear that cozy flannel and trendy t-shirt this time of year . So why not add a little bling and pair your Christmas shirt with one of your favorite statement necklaces. I just love them. Its adds just the perfect little touch to dress up your outfit .


Christmas Tees-

Statement necklace-


Happy shopping y’all !


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