Don’t just visit the past, Get into it! One our recent family vacation this summer to Williamsburg Virgina we had a blast visiting Jamestown Settlement and the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown. Who knew history would be so fun. As my daughter says #Historyisfun! It was full of amazing family memories to be shared and last a life time. I would highly recommend this on your next family trip.

At Jamestown settlement and the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, you and your family will take an active role in history. These two-living museums are conveniently located within 20 miles of each other, meaning you can help found a nation and then fight for freedom all in the same day. From steering a colonial ship to feeling the rumble of the cannon fire at battle, you’ll discover that our nation’s history isn’t just important It’s a BLAST. I would recommend if your families like mine family and have little ones ages (5years and younger) to take the day to enjoy. One at a time. This way you can stop throughout your day for an ice-cream break, which is much-needed to recharge and cool off in the mid-summer day.


JAMESTOWN SETTLEMENT- Thirteen years before the pilgrims landed in Plymouth, a group of 104 English settlers made a 4 1/2 month voyage across the Atlantic to the banks of the James River in the hopes of turning resources of the New World into profit. At Jamestown Settlement you we learn all about how the settlers who arrived in 1607 coped with the harsh realities of an unfamiliar environment , and how Powhatan Indians of Virgina adapted to their new neighbors.

Your family will love the living history museum filled with artifacts, artwork and interactive exhibits will engage young and old minds in America’s fascinating story. Then the story comes to life outdoors in a full-scale re-creations of the colonists fort and a Powhatan Indian village . Along with the riverfront pier with re-creations of the 3 ships that brought the settlers to Jamestown. Climb aboard the breathtaking Susan Constant and steer the whip staff, grind corn and dig out a canoe in the Powhatan Indian village, and get an up close and personal look at how the English colonists loaded and fired a matchlock musket inside the fort. (MY BOYS LOVED THIS ) Costumed historical interpreters in each area lead us in fun and informational hands-on demonstrations which we all loved and enjoyed.

AMERICAN REVOLUTION MUSEUM at YORKTOWN-  Your family will enjoy exploring this amazing 22,000 square foot exhibition galleries. start with “Liberty Fever” film followed by experiencing the heat , smell of gun powder and sea water, along with the rumble of the canon. watched on a 180-degree screen battle between the English and the French in the Chesapeake Bay.

then step outside to find your family live action fun. A RE-created Continental Army encampment, where you’ll have fun with the historical interpreters. Musket , mortar and cannon firing demonstrations in the new artillery amphitheater to marching lessons on the drill field along with exploring the Sleeping quarters in the solders tents. Then you can experience the Revolutionary farm, a tobacco barn, quarters for enslaved people, help tend vegetables, comb cotton and learn how the medical doctors back then cared for the soldiers.

Your family will surely enjoy this adventure as mine did and are looking to our next trip back.




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